Facebook PPC Marketing

Facebook PPC Marketing to grow your customer base

There are many reasons why a company or startup should generate advertising through Facebook Marketing. After the breakthrough, the social media platform has grown into a social and world-leading network. Facebook not only delights family, friends and colleagues in daily exchanges, but also companies to increase their awareness with the benefits of Social Media and Facebook marketing hacks.
Meanwhile, more than 80% of companies use social media for advertising, with Facebook at the forefront. Not without reason, because the platform offers a variety of advantages for marketing advertising.
Facebook marketing possibilities have become an integral part of everyday life and enable a variety of new marketing approaches.

Possible targets for Facebook and Instagram Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing as further advertising channels
  • Securing competitiveness
  • Expansion of recommendation marketing
  • Dissemination of current and additional information
  • Communication with audience

Facebook PPC Ads as part of the Marketing Mix

In contrast to other social media channels, advertising is inexpensive, so even smaller companies and those with a smaller budget can start advertising easily and without risk, for example with Facebook PPC. In the ideal case, a not inconsiderable effect can already be achieved with little effort and small financial resources. In addition, the page can be expanded and optimized at any time afterwards.

Increase reach
Potential customers are not only found on the web, but increasingly on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. There is no other platform on which such a wide reach can be achieved with a free profile.

Brand positioning
Instagram Marketing’s broad reach is the perfect foundation for brand positioning and for generating brand awareness and loyalty. Compared to other media opportunities, Facebook has a very high contact frequency.

Facebook Marketing for Customer Acquisition

One of the imperatives of companies is the acquisition of new customers, but this is often neglected or underestimated. Facebook Marketing is perfect for this kind of acquisition. The interest of new customers shows at the same time the interest in the brand as well as the offer and should be perceived as an opportunity.

One of the main reasons to choose Facebook Marketing as a company or start-up is the direct communication with the customer. Social networks such as Facebook and Instagram Marketing are ideal for this purpose, for example, to conduct customer surveys or establish a direct dialogue. This type of communication, the comments and feedback, offers great added value for companies and provides valuable information about which services or products are relevant for the customer and where there is a need for optimization and potential.

Facebook marketing is ideal for generating traffic via sales funnel. By clicking on advertisements or content on the website, customers find further offers, ideally leave their contact details and complete a purchase.

Facebook offers many valuable insights and background information for successful marketing. Facebook enables access to extremely informative statistics on the business page with a defined minimum number of followers. Here you can see how often the content has been shared, which of them achieve the greatest response, which content is commented on and how many clicks a post generates. In addition, valuable details on demographics and other activities of potential customers are also visible. This information can be used to optimize the time window for publication as well as the content in order to reach the right target group.

The cost-effective Facebook campaigns can be implemented specifically for the right target groups. The direct and targeted addressing of customers with specific interests and characteristics as well as the corresponding demographics minimizes wastage and ensures a more effective budget. By means of split testing, Facebook campaigns can be tested for impact ahead of time and optimized if necessary. Here, Facebook Marketing also offers great flexibility and insight into important statistics.

Facebook offers the possibility of monitoring. Monitoring the competition means always being one step ahead of them and optimizing your own approach or offers. Facebook provides insights into the Likes of five profiles from similar providers to identify which posts and contributions from competitors are successful.


Benefits starting with Facebook Marketing

Facebook PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a billing model in online marketing. In a Facebook PPC campaign, the billing is not per purchase or advertisement, which are basically free of charge in these Facebook campaigns, but based on the clicks or page views. In the foreground is the customer, who reaches the website of the advertising medium via the advertisement. In contrast to other advertising measures, the costs are easier to predict, so that with a smaller advertising budget the Facebook PPC model dominates.


Diverse Facebook ad formats

The respective ad formats are determined by the advertising objective. The wrong choice of an ad format can be counterproductive.

  • Images: These should represent your own brand or products.
  • Videos: Ads with movement in the news feed attract more attention.
  • Slideshow: A slideshow combines videos and images with text and sound.
  • Carousel: In the Carousel Ad, up to ten videos or images, each with its own link, can be used for a single ad.
  • Instant Experience: The full-screen display on a mobile device highlights products, services and brands in the ways described above and offers a wide range of visual choices, especially since various links are possible.


Pros for Facebook PPC Marketing

    ⚅ Improved Ranking
    ⚅ Greater transparency
    ⚅ Minimum costs
    ⚅ New customer acquisition
    ⚅ Building sympathy and trust with the customer
    ⚅ Emotional bond of the customer to the company/product
    ⚅ Involvement of customers, in innovations and development
    ⚅ Detailed information on target groups
    ⚅ Attracting brand ambassadors and recommenders
    ⚅ High availability → Customer service

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